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Life itself dictates the need for hope. Regardless of our condition or our character, it uplifts, strengthens, guides us lest we find we have grown too complacent in good fortune, or given to too much despair in meager estate.

A political consultant with a proven track record with countless elected officials and organizations Wyatt McIntyre has spent the majority of his career working in the arena on every side of it helping to formulate and implement strategies to push policies and win elections. It’s been this overriding urge to excel that has put him on some of the more interesting and decisive campaigns, meeting the challenges head on with the drive to win.

But his story doesn’t end there. As an an author he has an overriding passion: to tell a story worth telling, and write in a way off the page with meaning and significance to the reader, using his experience to help them look at things in a different way. Over the past decade Wyatt has been honing his writing, striving with each short story, with each new project to meet that challenge head on.

With two non-fiction books, Coping Through Christianity,called both a “thoughtful” and “careful treatment of the thoughts and feelings that can lead to suicide.” for the modern Christian, and the soon to be released In the Arena, a look into political campaigns for the newcomer, Wyatt shares his thoughts, understanding and experience with readers in a way that illuminates and enlightens. The author of The Last Dance, a bittersweet, romantic love story, he offers a story called “lyrical masterpiece” and “a joy to read”, that captivates readers in the beauty of love, hope, faith and longing. Regardless of the form and the type he stays true to a vision he has to offer something worthwhile to readers.

Born in Valleyview, a small Northern Alberta town, the middle of three boys, and now living in Illinois, Wyatt has sometimes been referred to a cowboy poet, rarely seen without a hat, staying true to his roots, he was taught, from the youngest of ages the virtue of hard work, diligence and faith through life’s toughest of adversities. A woodworker, he views life like setting a knife to a fresh block of wood, crafting something of meaning and purpose that is a deeper expression of yourself. It lies in the time and the patience of vision, knowing that, when you build it, and make it by your own hand there will always be small imperfections, but that’s what makes it all the more human, all the more understandable as you embark on a journey of the spirit and the soul.

When he isn’t writing or working on campaigns Wyatt can be found watching a Cubs or Packers game, fishing, or reading, with a tattered copy of Faulker or Steinbeck in hand, enjoying the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

To Wyatt each day is a new lease on life. It’s the chance to find hope, to let it guide you where it may, to let it inspire others. Though we may not know where it’s taking us we define that journey, it doesn’t define us, in the impact that we have in the wider world around us. In that faith he is ready to follow that road wherever it leads.


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